Thursday, July 18, 2013

Announcement: Silicon Labs (Energy Micro) Content Release

Announcement: Silicon Labs (Energy Micro) Content Release


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The Altium Content Team is pleased to announce the release of Silicon Labs EFM32 ‘energy friendly 32-bit microcontrollers’ to the Altium Content Vault and Design Content online. Please note that Silicon Labs has recently acquired Energy Micro, so you’ll find the content filed under Silicon Labs. This release covers new board-level components for the full range of the Gecko ARM Cortex-M4, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0 MCUs.

A total of 240 new components have been released. All new components contain standard schematic symbols, component parameters, footprints with 3D, and supply chain links - both in the library and as Supply Chain Solutions in the Altium Content Vault.

These and other Silicon Labs component families can be found in the Unified Components section under Community\Design Content on the website. You can also use these components directly from within Altium Designer via the Vault Explorer (Unified Components\ Components\ Silicon Labs).

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Advanced design navigation feature

Advanced design navigation feature



As designs increase in size and complexity, the ability to navigate project documents becomes ever more important. For the designer working to a stringent deadline, being able to smoothly interrogate Nets, Pins, Ports, Parts and Power Supplies within the design, with minimal effort, is paramount. One way to achieve this in Altium Designer is by using the Navigator panel. This panel presents the constituent elements of the design in tabular format, and allows quick highlighting of parts, pins and nets on source schematics or target PCB. In addition, supporting dynamic, bi-directional component cross-selection, Altium Designer offers its Cross Select Mode feature. With this feature enabled, the designer can simply click to select one or more components in one domain and those same components will become selected in the other domain. In this Design Secret video, we present the basic functionality of the Navigator panel and how, when used in combination with the Cross Select feature, you can navigate your design projects in a far more efficient and streamlined manner.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Altium Libraries for Maxim Integrated

The Altium Content Team is pleased to announce the latest updates to the Altium Content Vault, and new libraries available from Community \ Design Content.

This release cover Maxim Integrated, and includes Analog Filters (Switched Capacitor Filters), Digital Potentiometers, Current Sense Amplifiers and Sensors.

Over 3,100 components in total, stay tuned for more new content next week as we attempt up the frequency of releases!

More details on this release in the blog announcement.