Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Draftsman Update (23 May 2016)

We would like to announce the maintenance update of Draftsman. You can get  new version of Draftsman via the Altium Designer update system (DXP > Extensions and Updates).​

Release Notes

#12120    Draftsman - Fixed issue where Altium Designer crashed if font missing from the computer (BC:6636).
#12053    Draftsman - Placing parameters into text boxes will apply after choice parameter from the list.
#12119    Draftsman - Fixed issue where typing caps insert the new line (BC:6634).
#12107    Draftsman - Was added an option for replacement header to Top/Bottom for BOM table.
#12143    Draftsman - Fixed bug with the wrong order of component display in Section View.
#12149    Draftsman - Fixed issue where dimension line overlapped dimension text.
#12186    Draftsman - Fixed issue where panning with RMB clear selection.
#12188    Draftsman - Added display of document statuses (like Unsaved) in document tabs and Project panel.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Version 16.1.8

Version 16.1.8

Build: 203 Date: 16 May 2016 


Fixed a bug in which polygon pours with the same-net clearances had violations with the via.


Draftsman - Added support letter for Drill Symbols representation was added.


Draftsman - Added support Mechanical Layers as geometry source in Assembly Drawings.


Fixed crash while generation IDF output via PCB Release (caused by the new file added to the project).


Fixed error while loading pcb files, that contain more than 64kb per section (in rare cases caused by big number of xSignals).


Fixed issue when both alternative parts was presented in Assembly Drawing. Now Assembly Drawing contains only one part from current variant if component has alternatives for different variants.


Fixed issue when was not possible to drag track ends on Mechanical layers (BC:6531).


Fixed issue when was not possible to place Assembly view if PCB has components with empty Designator (Draftsman).


Fixed issue with random crashes of Altium Designer during updating (Extension Manager crash).


Fixed regression​ issue with parameter list performance, when defining "Visibility on Add" property for the Vault folder.


Restored the order of print for layers and not-fitted graphics as in Altium Designer 16.0.6.


Friday, May 13, 2016

PDN Analyzer powered by CST® version now available

PDN Analyzer powered by CST® version Release Notes


(Previously released version
Jeff Loyer
Altium has updated the PDN Analyzer extension to resolve an existing issue with designs which have spaces in their component names.  In previous versions of PDN Analyzer, component names with spaces would cause the simulation to fail with the following (or similar) error messages:
[Error]    Flex_6946.PcbDoc    PDN Analyzer    solver stopped due to exception:
[Error]    Flex_6946.PcbDoc    PDN Analyzer    Traceback (most recent call last):
[Error]    Flex_6946.PcbDoc    PDN Analyzer      File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
[Error]    Flex_6946.PcbDoc    PDN Analyzer      File "altium_plugin\pidc.py", line 507, in create_plb_file
[Error]    Flex_6946.PcbDoc    PDN Analyzer      File "altium_plugin\pidc.py", line 494, in create_ICs
[Error]    Flex_6946.PcbDoc    PDN Analyzer      File "altium_plugin\pidc.py", line 360, in __init__
[Error]    Flex_6946.PcbDoc    PDN Analyzer    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'n_pins'

The current version ( resolves the problem, simulations will complete successfully if net names have spaces in them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PDN Analyzer powered by CST® version available

PDN Analyzer powered by CST® version Release Notes
(Previously released version
Jeff Loyer
Altium has updated the PDN Analyzer extension to resolve existing issues and preclude analysis with invalid setup parameters.   Altium's PDN Analyzer is working to eliminate the possibility of initiating a simulation only to find it was invalid due to an erroneous setup parameter. Below is a list of the issues addressed and changes made to the current release of the extension.

  1. Check that load has non-zero amperage: entering 0A as a current sink isn't allowed.
  2. Ensure valid stackup before enabling simulation: checks stackup parameters and disables simulation if any are not valid:
  • Invalid dielectric constant (<1)
  • 0 thickness for dielectric or conductor
  1. Ensure a maximum of 2 nets in the path between the source and load power nets.  If there are more than 2 nets between the source and load power nets, the user will be asked "Many nets between source and loads, proceed with simulation?" (Yes, No).  This warns the user that they may have built an erroneous path (see Source to Load path section in the PDN Analyzer Guide).
  2. Collect data on errors: if the user has agreed to participate in the Altium Product Improvement Program, collect the following data:
  • If simulation run was successful or not
  • Error codes and messages
  • Net count in the path, load count, source count, ODB file size, ODB++ generation time, and simulation run server time.
  1. Need to print cause of any red !'s, tell user what failed. If a red exclamation mark is shown, we will print the failure in the messages dialogue:
  • "Error: Source <U#> exceeded max allowed PWR supply DC current magnitude. Allowed: x.xxxA, Actual: x.xxxA"
  • "Error: Source <U#> exceeded max allowed PWR pin current magnitude. Allowed: x.xxxA, Actual: x.xxxA"
  • "Error: Source <U#> exceeded max allowed GND pin current magnitude. Allowed: x.xxxA, Actual: x.xxxA"
  • "Error: Load <U#> did not meet minimum required DC Voltage magnitude. Minimum: x.xxxV, Actual: x.xxxV"
  1. Difference in current densities reported as maximum (from auto-scale) and when probed.  Auto-scaling showed maximum current density as 1.2GA/m^2, but when probing the largest current density observed was 0.2GA/m^2.  Reading the .json file verified that there were current 1.2GA/m^2 densities.  Software has been fixed – now probing agrees w/ that reported by auto-scaling.
  2. PDN Analyzer was not interpreting strings correctly: converting the string "0Rab", if a is zero, the zero is discarded.  This was fixed.

Older pcbdoc's don't have SimulationDummy.PcbDoc.htm file, so simulation fails. This was fixed.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Altium Designer 16.1 version 16.1.7 (build 188)

Altium Designer 16.1 version 16.1.7 (build 188). This release is all about putting the power of productivity back into your design workflow. Here’s what’s inside:


Your complete documentation workflow is now available exclusively in Altium Designer. Easily communicate design intent right the first time without ever leaving your design workspace. View more details about Draftsman™ here.

Precise 3D Measurements

Precisely measure your board layout in Native 3D and clearly communicate design intent to manufacturing right the first time. View more details about 3D measurement here.

Design Environment Enhancements

Stay at your most efficient in your design process with a variety of UI optimizations and stability enhancements including over 70 bug fixes.

You can read about all of the new features and enhancements for this release in the Altium Designer 16.1 Release Notes.