Friday, July 7, 2017

Altium Designer 17.1.6 Update (7 July 2017)

Hi all, Altium Designer is now publicly available


This update of 17.1 version contains some corrections in the newly introduced Keepouts, which caused the most heated discussion of users after the release of AD17.1. Also, we want to highlight a bunch of corrections and improvements in Draftsman tool, Bug Crunch fixes as well as improvements in Data Management tools and much more. Please find the complete list of release notes below.

Release Notes

#17494    Fixed bug where non-keepout primitives can be copied/pasted on Keep-Out Layer and keep-out primitives on a non-signal improper layer.
#17691    Fixed bug where Managed OutJobs could only utilize Vault based BOM templates locally.
#17787    Fixed pasting of graphics from the clipboard in Schematic.
#18044    Fixed regression bug where polygon cutouts do not appear in ODB++ assigned on mask layers.
#18174    Data Management - Improved Item Manager performance for projects with Vault components.
#18283    Vault Explorer - Fixed bug where switching to preview on Windows 10 Creator causes BSOD (BC:8015).
#18308    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where titles appear in the PDF generated from an output job (BC:8074).
#18345    Draftsman - Added support for individual variants in OutJoub for Draftsman drawings.
#18368    Fixed regression bug where PCB file from the previous version cannot be open in AD17.1.
#18372    Fixed bug where keepout object options clear after Union creation.
#18414    Eagle Importer - Fixed regression bug which caused a wrong placement of objects on the top layer.
#18415    Fixed regression bug where projects under Version Control are not recognized as so by AD 17 (BC:7966).
#18445    Fixed regression bug where was not possible to open Supplier Links dialog if Future Electronics supplier is installed.
#18513    Fixed regression bug where lifecycle state change does not work in "Full item history" window.
#18566    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where in 17.1 not showing reference designators for parts not fitted (BC:8001).
#18628    Library Panel - Fixed bug where the status of the Load all Pages preference in was not saved between AD launches.
#18628    Library Panel - Added ability to save/load list of the visible columns while performing import/export of the preferences.
#18628    Library Panel - Fixed bug where Component Type attribute was not available for the Vault-based libraries.
#18629    Added ability to define a position of the visible parameters of the Vault components, by preserving position data from the symbol.
#18630    Fixed bug where open pick and place file in source section caused Source out of date.
#18701    Data Management - Added suggest to update related components after component template modification.
#18702    Fixed bug where update related items feature allows to open component with different templates in one batch editor.
#18727    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where data is not loaded if components with variants have multiple (incorrect) Unique IDs (BC:8005).
#18809    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where 3D bodies are not displayed on Assembly Views on not-English Windows with non-English project path.
#18909    Fixed bug where Component Links Parameters not migrated to a component by Library Migrator.
#18925    Fixed regression bug where supply chain info shows up in the left top corner of the screen when navigating through components in Vault Explorer with opened Supply chain aspect.
#19024    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where some of the not fitted Hatching Pattern settings are not working.
#19103    Improved open BOM document performance to use price data cache instead of additional requests to the server.
#19191    Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where Components with Assembly Drawing source are not displayed under Detain View on PDF output (BC:8121).

Friday, May 26, 2017

Altium Vault 3.0.11 Update (26 May 2017)

The latest update of Altium Vault 3.0 is now available for download. The link to Altium Vault 3.0.11 (build 562) is in the Download section of the Altium website.

This update includes several bug fixes, such as bug with migration from satellite vault, or bug, where vault did not work via proxy and more (see release notes for details).

Please, do not forget to make a backup of your data before updating.

Release Notes

#16034    Part Catalog - Fixed bug which appears if a database contains more than three ODBC part source.
#17095    Added support to acquire components from a Vault connected via HTTPS.
#17114    Improved proxy server support.
#17397    Fixed bug which caused migration from the Satellite Vault has been failed.
#17473    Health Monitor - Added status of proxy settings.

Full list of Altium Vault 3.0 Release Notes

Monday, May 15, 2017

Altium Designer 17.1

You can install Altium Designer version 17.1.5 (build 472) from the Download section of the Altium website.

Please note that a new installation is required for Altium Designer 17.1

The key concept of this release is stabilization of 17.0 version. The major accent has been made on the Bugs fix. Besides that, several existing tools were slightly improved, such as Keepout, Violation, Accordion. As well as Draftsman drawing editor tool has undergone several major improvements as drawing performance, Increased the number and flexibility of settings in current instruments, added the ability of placement new Isometric view.

What’s New

Allow selected DRC violations to be waived and document the waived violations (BC:219)

The main benefit is the ability to exclude existing/formal DRC errors from the further checks and thereby ensure the project’s releases in Vault. Each Design Rule Violation can be excluded from further checks. A waived violation includes the information about the reason this particular violation has been excluded and author info. All waived violations will not appear in further check results (Messages Panel) and won't block the project release in a Vault, but will be added to the violations report.

Support for object specific keepouts (BC:1424, BC:3483)

Various topological objects on a board can have personal limitations/restrictions. For example, vias could be prohibited in one board region, but tracks could be allowed at the same time. The Keepout primitive has an additional setting now, which determines types of objects to which the restriction applies.

Important Notice: The Keepout primitive cannot be added as a regular primitive now! Only the following menu command can be used for adding the Keepout: Place > Keepout. The target layer, where this limitation applies, can be set after the placement of the keepout. Starting with this release, there is no Keepout option in the properties of regular primitives, and vice versa, there is no ability to select a net, a mask or a solder paste in Keepout properties.

Backward Compatibility: All objects with the Keepout option turned on will be converted to Keepout primitives when the board is opened with this version of Altium Designer.

Other improvements


  • Performance - re-implementation on DirectX (significantly improved the speed of scaling, panning, and moving the complex views in a drawing).
  • Isometric view (BC:6632). The new type of view allows displaying the board from different sides of an isometric projection.


  • Ability to split a BOM into several tables (BC:6704)
    • When used a document's template, new pages are created for each new BOM table
    • Each BOM can be split into a several tables which could be placed on different sheets of the document
  • Manual control of the title position for drawing view
  • Added Component Parameters as a source for a callout
  • Added ability to enable fill, change fill color, and set transparency for circular and rectangular shapes
  • Added ability to display and configure footprint parameters in Assembly view; analogous with existing Designator automatic positioning


  • Added support of Rooms when routing diff pairs            
  • Prevents splits into diff pairs
  • Improved diff pair quality
  • Increased max Route Guide width to 3x
  • Route Guide: Left arrow = min width; right arrow = max width
  • Gloss is applied to tracks outside Route Guide


  • Updated selection principles to allow the selection of a pin or a via to signify an end of the desired section
  • Tries to repair dangerous pad entries. Corner must be disabled in SMD Entry rule, and the setting in the SMD To Corner rule is taken into account
  • Uses preferred gap, where possible, when glossing a diff pair
  • Fixed glossing issues on pin swapping subnets. Gloss now treats Subnet Jumper tracks as fixed
  • Added support for room-based rules. Gloss now adheres to Clearance and Diff Pair Routing rules scoped to rooms

Check out what’s New in Altium Designer 17.1

Includes Popular BugCrunch Fixes:

#13712 Draftsman - Added support for isometric view in Draftsman document (BC:6632).
#13755 Draftsman - Added ability to split a BOM into several tables (BC:6704).
#13956 Draftsman - Added ability to manually position the Designator in an Assembly View (BC:6733).
#15131 Fixed bug that caused tenting on thermal vias to stay on the original side, rather than following the component which was moved to the bottom side (BC:3647).
#15134 Added support for hide/show Mechanical Layers 17-32 from a script (BC:310).
#15679 Added support for object specific keepouts (BC:1424, BC:3483).
#15835 Draftsman - Added support for variant parameters (BC:6647).
#15836 Draftsman - Added support for a variant selection of a Draftsman document in an OutJob (BC:6869), and support for variant-based objects, such as special strings (BC:6690).
#15897 Added support to allow users to waive selected violations after DRC and to document the waived violations (BC:219).
#16916 Rounded the solder mask expansion for rectangular pads, so they match polygon pour rounded shapes in order to avoid exposing copper in the corners (BC:7660).
#17286 Added "Use Left/Right selection" option to DXP preferences. When this option is checked OFF, the selection should always be 'inside area' like in AD 16.1 (BC:7292).

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Altium Designer 17.0.11 Update (28 February 2017)

The latest update of Altium Designer 17.0 is now available for download. You can install version 17.0.11 (build 656) from the Download section of the site or update in Altium Designer 17.0 (DXP > Extensions and Updates).

This update is about bug fixes and stability improvements. Several bugs were fixed that caused access violations and crashes of AD. In addition, the release adds the ability to use special symbols in Target Folder

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PDN Analyzer 1.1 (build 95) is now available

PDN Analyzer 1.1 (build 95) is now available. If you have purchased a subscription, you can install it from within Altium Designer 17.0 (DXP > Extensions and Updates).

Note: This release will only work with Altium Designer 17.0 and later versions.

Check out what's New in PDN Analyzer 1.1

Release notes

#10723    Added support to display the voltage relative to the nearest ground when probing. Both the VCC and GND voltages are reported.
#11329    Added ability to set up config files for many power rails and run them as a batch.
#11868    Updated the battery symbol.
#15160    The output .csv file now uses comma delimiters.
#15161    Disabled unnecessary processing of Mechanical layers in ODB++
#15162    Updated PDN Analyzer so ODB++ is only regenerated within a session if the layout changes.
#15837    Added ability to navigate/zoom in on areas of highest current density.
#16536    Fixed regression bug that caused mid-layer polygon object to not be displayed.

There is also a bug fix in Altium Designer 17.0.10 for PDN Analyzer:
#10696    When probing the signals, lose the ability to maneuver in 3-D (shift + right mouse doesn't rotate the image).

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A “Hotfix” update of Altium Vault 3.0 is now available for download

A "Hotfix" update of Altium Vault 3.0 is now available for download. The link to Altium Vault 3.0.9 (build 414) is in the Download Section of the Altium website.

One of the main reasons for this "Hotfix" update was to quickly deliver a solution for the regression bug in Windows Server 2008 R2, where low-performance occurred due to an incorrect system proxy setup.  Also, installation of all latest updates for Windows 2008 will fix this issue as well.
Other important fixes were made to the update scripts to prevent SQL Runtime errors from occurring during the update from previous versions.

Please, do not forget to make a backup of your data before updating.

Release Notes

#16520    Fixed regression bug in Windows Server 2008 R2 where low-performance has occurred due to an incorrect system proxy setup.
#16578    Fixed bug in the update scripts, which caused a SQL Runtime Error to occur when updating from Vault 2.6.5 to 3.0.7 on an Oracle database.
#16614    Fixed bug in the update scripts, which caused SQL Runtime Errors (-104,-607) to occur when updating from Vault 2.5.13 to 3.0.7.
#16636    Fixed an issue where sessions hang after reboot. As well, prevented a potential problem with sessions hanging during changing session's lifetime.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Altium Designer 17.0.10 Update (8 February 2017)

The latest update of Altium Designer 17.0 is now available for download. You can install version 17.0.10 (build 617) from the Download section of the site or update in Altium Designer 17.0 (DXP > Extensions and Updates).

In this release, we focused on fixing bugs. Over 60 bugs including seven BugCrunch issues were resolved.

Release notes

#15398   Fixed regression bug that caused Eagle library import to fail.
#15633   Fixed issue that prevented releasing mid-size projects due to "out of memory" errors.
#15635   Fixed bug that caused the Release to Vault hotkey to not work (BC:7365).
#15760   Fixed bug that caused incorrect designators to be assigned to "not fitted" components (BC:7447).
#15805   Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module 'WorkspaceManager.DLL' during PCB Physical Differences comparison.
#15998   Fixed bug where TC2 mode does not work when a user logged into Vault as an administrator while ignoring TC2 configuration.
#16116   Fixed issue with DecimalSeparator being absent in scripting system due to an update in an underlying runtime library (BC: 7343).
#16119   Fixed bug that caused objects in imported Eagle .brd files to be assigned to the wrong layer.
#16136   Removed requirement to select items when generating an ECO via the ItemManager.
#16157   Fixed sorting in new Pick and Place file generator.
#16194   Fixed regression bug that causes an access violation to occur in FPGA Pins after launching FPGA Signal Manager with a project which uses a Lattice MachXO device.
#16198   Fixed bug that prevented generating BOMs from old designs created with templates in the project (with relative paths). Restored "Relative Path to Template File" functionality in BOM Configuration as it was in AD 16.1.12.
#16206   Fixed an issue where checkout directories for SVNDblib Symbol and Footprint are no longer subdirectories of the Repository Working Folder (BC:7364).
#16209   Fixed bug where graphical glitch appears in a drop down list control (Windows 10 OS).
#16212   Fixed bug where special string for the SVN folder revision is named differently in PCB and Sch.
#16217   Fixed bug that caused issues in scripts using TCoordRect (BC:7503).
#16259   Fixed bug where "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message appears when creating a managed project.
#16340   Draftsman - Fixed regression bug where Variant Drawing Style in Draftsman document was not on top of all other entities (BC:7567).
#16377   Fixed regression bug where access violation appears after performing left-to-right selection during the holding keyboard button.
#16382   Fixed a bug that disabled using the "Shift+c" keys or the "Clear" button to deselect objects that were selected in the schematic editor (BC:7351).

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Altium Designer 17.0.9 is now available for download.

The latest update of Altium Designer 17.0 is now available for download. You can install version 17.0.9 (build 563) from the Download section of the site or update in Altium Designer 17.0 (DXP > Extensions and Updates).

Our main goals for this update were to improve stability, resolve performance issues with loading PCB files, and fix the crashes that occur the most often. Consequently, bug fixes for other issues were postponed to the next update (17.0.10).

Check out what’s New in Altium Designer 17.0

Release Notes

#15215    Footprint Parameters - Fixed a bug where parameters are not transferred to a PCB in the case where you use an alternate part with the same footprint.
#15634    Optimized PCB loading speed.
#15733    Fixed a bug that prevented autosave from saving a backup file (BC:7345).
#15758    Fixed a regression bug that occurred when an ECO was generated. Alternate parts with different footprints were deleted from all channels except the first channel.
#15792    Draftsman - Fixed a bug that caused an access violation when printing a document with a custom table, through OutJob.
#15917    Fixed a regression bug where an access violation occurred in 'KERNELBASE.dll' when dragging Via (BC:7309).
#15988    Fixed a bug that caused an access violation to occur during Layer stack table move or change Draw Board Map option.
#16038    Fixed bug that caused an access violation in module 'AdvSch.dll' while modifying a line on a schematic or a schematic library. 

Full list of Altium Designer 17.0 Release Notes